Please contact me directly for professional references and letters of recommendation.

In my relatively brief time as a professional educator, I have received a significant amount of positive feedback from peers/colleagues, superiors, and most importantly my students. Below are just a few student testimonials that reference my character and abilities:

“This is by far the best class I’ve taken at CMCC. The instructor is great and I can honestly say I can walk away with knowledge of craft and am able to relate it to real life!” ~ Megan, ART125 – 20th Century American Craft, Fall 2012.

“Professor Stevens was the most professional teacher I ever had. He gave very good info and has the ability to engage the slackers in the class. He will be a great teacher/professor of any course he teaches.” ~ John, INS101- Technology and Society, Fall 2012.

“Nathan is an asset to this college and should be the head of an art department”. ~ Ivan, ART103, Drawing I, Fall 2013.

“I enjoyed group critiques! I received positive and negative (not in a bad way) feedback that has helped me improve my work. I wish we had more classes!” ~ Shay, ART103, Drawing I, Fall 2013.

…and my personal favorite…

What did you like best about this course?: “Engaging content and critical thinking encouraged… It should be longer, more time with a kick-ass professor. Give this guy a pay raise! ~ Michael, INS101 – Technology and Society, Spring 2012.

Also, check out my profile on the popular professor rating site and please feel free to leave a rating if you’ve taken a class I’ve taught.