Student Feedback

As an arts educator, I have received a significant amount of positive feedback from peers/colleagues, superiors, and most importantly my students. Below are just a few of the many student testimonials that reference my character and abilities:

“I loved learning new aspects of drawing that I had never been taught before. I also liked the relaxed atmosphere and the level of encouragement that Nate provided.” ~ Ahna, ART103, Drawing I, 2019.

“Excellent instructor. Organized, enthusiastic, clear presentations and materials; challenging assignments; supportive environment in the classroom; instructor was available to answer questions outside of class time. Genuine interest in each student’s progress.” ~ Christina, ART312  -Intro to 3D Printing & Fabrication, 2018.

“Nathan was great and very thorough in his explanations of the process of 3D Printing, which was important since this is so new to many of us. Nathan is great at pushing students to further their work while also leaving it up to us to find the solutions to do this. He asks amazing questions about our work that really gets you to think about your own work in new and exciting ways. I really appreciated his wisdom about working as an artist and his enthusiasm for the medium of 3D Printing. He really went above and beyond to invest himself in each project we worked on.”~ Sydney, ART312 – Intro to 3D Printing & Fabrication, 2018.

I would like to let you know that you are one of the best professors I have ever had and your class did mean a lot to me.” ~ Travis, ART103 – Drawing I, 2017.

I just thought that I would email you a thank you for art class. I found that it was a really well    laid out class and easy to follow, and the skills that I learned aren’t only helping with my realistic drawings (which I had never done before this class) but also with my own individual        style of drawing. I looked back on the drawings we were required to complete at the beginning    of class in our sketchbooks and compared them to the drawings I have completed in the last        section of the semester and was very shocked and amazed by how much I had improved. So I        just thought that I’d email and say thank you and that your class really has helped me improve    my realism as well as enabling me to work longer and harder on not just my art but my                  assignments.  ~ Erika, ART103 – Drawing I, 2017.

“I think this class is put together very well and I really enjoyed it. Nathan was very knowledgeable and really cared about the learning and growth of his students. He also pushed us to become better critical thinkers.” ~ Student, ART103 – Principles of 3D Design, Spring 2017.

“Instructor was very good at teaching art; this is rare.” ~ Student, ART103 – Drawing I, 2017.

“The teacher is AMAZING. He is fun, passionate about what he teaches and knows how to capture the classes attention.” ~ Student, ART102 – Intro to 2D Design, Fall 2016.

“Nathan is an asset to this college and should be the head of an art department”. ~ Ivan, ART103, Drawing I, 2013.

“This is by far the best class I’ve taken at CMCC. The instructor is great and I can honestly say I can walk away with knowledge of craft and am able to relate it to real life!” ~ Megan, ART125 – 20th Century American Craft, 2012.

“Professor Stevens was the most professional teacher I ever had. He gave very good info and has the ability to engage the slackers in the class. He will be a great teacher/professor of any course he teaches.” ~ John, INS101- Technology and Society, 2012.

“I enjoyed group critiques! I received positive and negative (not in a bad way) feedback that has helped me improve my work. I wish we had more classes!” ~ Shay, ART103, Drawing I, 2013.

…and my personal favorite…

What did you like best about this course?: “Engaging content and critical thinking encouraged… It should be longer, more time with a kick-ass professor. Give this guy a pay raise! ~ Michael, INS101 – Technology and Society, 2012.

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