Assignment: Masquerades

Medium:  3D modeling/3D printing (Fused Deposition Modeling with PLA Thermoplastics)

Description: Learning to apply 3D scanning techniques, this project aims to introduce incorporating 3D scanned objects to create a “mask” or façade for yourself or an object. This project furthers knowledge gained in the last project, and builds upon your understanding of the relationship between the 3D modeling environment and the real material world.

Aim: To gain a basic understanding of the use and application of 3D scanning technology. Demonstrating CAD 3D modeling and knowledge of FDM 3D printing. Explore the head as a context for a mask or facade. Formally investigate ergonomics and fit, scale, and texture. Explore post-processing techniques and methods for presentation.

Course: Intro to 3D Printing and Fabrication and/or Digital Art and Design I (200 Level course)