Missing Parts

Assignment: Missing Parts

Medium:  3D modeling/3D printing (Fused Deposition Modeling with PLA Thermoplastics)

Description:  A strength of 3D printing is in its ability to rapidly replicate a form/object, as well as alter scale, etc. Beginning with a found object, design, model, and print an augmentation to that object by either replacing a part or fabricating an additional part. Thinking about form vs. function, ergonomics, and human-centered design, create a “missing part” that will enhance or limit your object.

Aim: To gain a basic understanding of CAD 3D modeling and the process of FDM 3D printing. Demonstrate an understanding of slicing and print settings, i.e. resolution, supports/additions, and infill. Explore the hand as a context for an interaction between its form and the object that you’ve designed. Formally investigate ergonomics, scale, open/closed space, mass, volume, and texture. Explore post-processing techniques and methods for presentation.

Course: Digital Art & Design (200 Level course)