Site Response (3D Design)

Assignment:  Site Response

Medium: Found objects

Description: Responding to a site on campus, you will design and create an original artwork that makes use of the environment/atmosphere/materials/objects found in or on-site. You must also import one other object or material that would not normally be found on this site.  Think about the following questions: How can one object next to another object create context? How can simple materials/objects become mediums of expression? What happens when you change or alter the context of an object or material? How can you then control meaning? Think about the circumstances of the location you choose. Also, think about how subject matter and formal aspect can be used to create meaning to your audience. How can you think through materials/objects to draw attention to an aspect of the site that is important?

Aim: Explore the role that site and context can play in tying together material, form, and subject. Discover how the location, the internal parts, the viewer’s position, and the artist’s history can all play a role in how a 3D artwork/sculpture/installation is designed and what meaning is ultimately communicated. Consider how organizational principles can be applied to alter contextual relationships within your artwork/design.

Course: Introduction to Principles of 3D Design (100 Level- Foundation Studio)