Obscene, 2015

Obscene, 2015

TITLE: Obscene

YEAR: 2015

MEDIUM: Wood, Gypsum board, Paint, Cold-worked blown glass, single channel video, iPod Touch, Latex

DIMENSIONS: 9 ft H x 4 ft W x 2 ft D

DESCRIPTION: French philosophers Jean-Paul Sartre and Jacques Lacan discuss the gaze, or “le regard”, as having tremendous psychological impact as it defines the subjective limits of one’s self in relation to Other. As such, the gaze is not a thing one has, but rather a common space into which one enters. Upon the realization that you are within the gaze of the subject, in a sense you become blinded by another to your absolute autonomy, becoming lost in the gaze. When you, the viewer, peek into this recursive space of the subject/object dialectic, in small a way you restore ‘complete’ vision to the subject: by looking through the gaze. Inside you view a ghostly image of someone watching you disappear before your eyes.