Stagger Heelflip

Stagger Heelflip

TITLE: Stagger Heelflip- (Missing Parts Series)

YEAR: 2018

MEDIUM: Found Objects, FDM 3D prints

DIMENSIONS: 26″H x 6″W x 8″D

DESCRIPTION: Pawing through the broken action figures, train tracks, incomplete puzzles I came across a few particular items that captured me in an instant; the handmade skateboard with a cut roller skate, pine board, black paint… missing a wooden wheel. I don’t remember making this one, but my father found it in the garage and swears that it was one my first. If I could only remember riding it I might know where to find that missing wheel. These are the missing parts. Using additive manufacturing and 3D printing processes, I’ve attempted to fill the voids- to prototype the missing parts of these material memories. 3D printing is the ideal process for these works: extruding hot plastic into forms that give immediacy to the need for something that is gone, or something that could be; the movement of the extruder head as it creeps onward and upward layer by layer, slowly building a virtual, imagined image into the physical world of fixed states and rigid forms; these objects become real and solidify my attempt to remember these blemished memories.