Missing Parts Series, 2018

Missing Parts Series, 2018

TITLE: Untitled. {What did Quick Draw McGraw say?} – (Missing Parts Series)

YEAR: 2018

MEDIUM: Found Objects, FDM 3D prints

DIMENSIONS: 14″H x 24″W x 6″D

DESCRIPTION: This is work-in-progress. The sculpture is not yet completed. Minor details and contexts are pending…

As with all works in this series, it began with an object from my childhood.  In this case, the leather holster and belt were recently found in my father’s basement amidst boxes of old, childhood toys.  If memory serves me, I have fond impressions of gearing up with the holster and (missing) toy pistol, dawning chaps and vest, and riding bareback on the family dog around the house. Parts of this cowboy outfit are missing. I was maybe three or four years old. As with most memories, we have to fill in the blanks. This sculpture fills the void as well, as does the “reverse” pistol that I’ve printed, complete with a single trigger finger bullet.

The pistol I’ve 3D printed was originally designed by Thorped (see tag below) and distributed for “open design” by the thing-sharing site thingiverse.com. No modifications were made from the original design.