Born. Only child 1982, Maine, USA. Lives and works in Portland, Maine, USA.

Observing the ontological boundaries of self-identity and the illusive social matrices that both inhabit and inhibit our lives, Nathan Stevens creates an interdisciplinary practice that includes sculptural objects, audio/video installations, and performance-based events. Working through diverse media such as blown glass, woodworking, found objects, video, radio, and 3D modeling/printing, Nathan unpacks the profound and paradoxical that he’s discovered in the making of a contemporary artist. The outcomes of his exploration become artifacts that formalize instances of miscommunication and displacement within a self-reflexive lens; a place where subjective spaces can quickly erode to reveal relational currents. It is this run-in with the shifting boundaries of subjectivity that often result in conceptually entertaining abstractions: a shipwrecked pirate radio station searching for survivors, transient bus stops to everywhere, or a personalized subterranean tunnel from Australia to Bermuda can be found among the debris.

Nathan spent much of his early life between Maine and Georgia, USA followed by a number of years spent in Australia and Germany. Since his first group show in 2005, Nathan’s work has been included in solo, invitational, and juried exhibitions in galleries, museums, and art spaces in Australia, USA, Germany, Mexico, India, Tanzania, Egypt, Japan, and Slovenia. In the USA, he has exhibited at venues such as Utah Museum of Fine Arts, UT, Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM, Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Rockport, ME, and the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, Portland, OR.